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Take care of your health through knowledge.

Astrofarma is a pharmacy with the aim of helping people.

Speaking of a pharmaceutical market, this sounds repetitive, as it is something that is already very understood in this market. However, this changes when we look at reality, where many people are already looking for medications without professional evaluation, which may not help in their case. It is sold without any concern, without real knowledge of the medicine and without knowledge of the patient's real problem.

Astrofarma seeks to help those who arrive at its establishments in the best possible way, with pharmaceutical knowledge, attention and care! Selling medicines with the aim of improving your health, knowing the real usefulness of the medicine and understanding your real problem. With a positioning 100% focused on health, helping you with this in several areas.

Seeking differentiation from other pharmacies, we work with shades of blue and green, focusing on a unique symbol giving new meaning to the traditional values and icons of the environment.


Brand Design,
digital design, communication strategy, web design



There was a recurring need for prescriptions for the medicines sold. The idea is to use the back of the card as
an alternative for small prescriptions. Generating extra use for the business card.

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